Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spring has definitely sprung!!!

At last ... evidence that Spring is finally here! 1st September was officially the first day of Spring but you just never know what Ma Nature has in store .... we've had snow in late September before now....
The last of the winter pansies are still going strong tho. Their little faces do so much to inspire a cheerful mood when everything is brown and dead thru the winter.
And then there's the trees in my garden - FULL of spring blossoms. I took this pic and was amazed how it came out! I've no idea how I did it and couldn't possibly do it again but I thought it was quite arty ..... It wasn't taken at night either, around 4pm as I recall. I'm sure some tekky person could tell me how I created such a beauty but I'm not bothered - I just think it's fab!
And finally, (drum roll and trumpet fanfare please) I made the cushions for my new gorgeous seat! What do you think?
Beautiful blossoms, a bit of colour and a new seat with SUCH pretty cushions..........what more could a girl ask for?


  1. I'm so jealous, we're coming into fall and the vegetation is looking worn out. The weather is supposed to turn colder this next week, ugh. The cushions look pretty, good job.

  2. I love your new bench, by the way!! I just had to check out both your blogs!!!

    Your flowers are looking beautiful!


  3. Thanks Sarah - so pleased you like it!!


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