Sunday, January 1, 2012

10 Things For 2012!

Okay. So it's January 1st 2012 - a day for new beginnings, new promises and new intentions. So here are mine for the next 12 months.....

1) Get lounge suite reupholstered or recover it myself. Now this may not mean very much to anyone else but it would mean a whole load of happiness to me. We've had our 3-piece for 17 years (as long as we've been married) and it's brilliant! It's one of those real slouchy, puffy cushioned ones that wraps itself around you the minute you sit down. We have NO intention of replacing it but the foam in the cushions is almost flat (thanks to little feet using it as a trampoline....) and the fabric is looking just a little tired. I intended to get it done last year but finances didn't run to it and we had more important things to spend the money on ... school fees being one! So 2012 will definitely be the year of the revamped lounge suite. Watch this space.

2) Knit 3 pairs of socks each for DH and myself for winter. Yes I know, I could go out and buy us perfectly good socks but homemade ones are sooooooooo much nicer (and warmer). Our bookshop gets VERY cold in the winter and if my feet are nice and toasty then I feel warm all over. I have a great pattern for 2 needle socks (I can't manage the double pointed patterns) and they're really easy and fit like a glove.

3) Have flowering pots on my patio all year round. I have no excuse here. I live in a country where we have stunning weather and where it is possible to have flowers even in winter.

4) Crochet a minimum of 4 cushion covers for the lounge suite. This is obviously dependent on No 1 above being done but even if it doesn't happen, I can get the cushion covers ready for when it does happen! I have a number of patterns in mind namely, Lucy's Blooming Flower Cushion from Attic24, a Ripple cushion (of course), a flat circle cushion, and a granny square cushion but am not sure which pattern yet. May be this one of Lucy's at Attic24 or this one by Sarah London.

5) Lose weight - this sadly is an ongoing mission. I will do my best to shed a few pounds but am not going to deny myself too much .... life's too short.

6) Make a doorway curtain - we have an open archway in our living room that goes into a spare bedroom and although DH has rigged up a sliding door, it still lets through an almighty draught in the winter. So, thanks to Kristin at Cozy Things I've decided to put up a curtain in front of the sliding door. Perhaps the combination of the two will actually keep us warm!

7) Declutter wardrobe - This largely goes hand in hand with No 5. I have a cupboard full of clothes that 'maybe I'll get into one day' but deep down I know I probably won't. So, the time to be ruthless has come. Out with anything I haven't worn in the last 12 months and from now on NO SPONTANEOUS SHOPPING! These are always disasters for me. I need to go shopping with a list of the clothes that I have as well as the colours etc. I get too distracted otherwise and end up buying wool!!!!

8) Grow more veg. I started on this venture late last year and things were going well until The Storm From Hell hit!!! I may manage to salvage a few strawberries but I will not be put off. This year will see more seeds planted and veg WILL grow!!!!!

9) Keep a list of books I've read. I keep meaning to do this and every year I forget. People in my bookshop ask me to recommend books I've enjoyed and I can never remember the titles!!! So from now on a list will be kept. First up will be Worth Dying For by Lee Child. I've just finished it (does it count if I finished it on New Years Eve??) and it was fab!!!!

and lastly,

10) Cook more!!! Now my DH may have something to say about this as my cooking history is not good. However, I am determined and a woman with a mission is not to be stopped! I'll keep you posted.....

Do you have any plans/intentions/dreams/goals for 2012. If so, please share..............


  1. You are very brave having such a detailed list..I love the cushions one especially as we can look forward to the 'ta'dah's! Lose weight... hmmm... same here, but maybe if we both throw ourselves into gardening that will happen as a consequence? I had a Kindle for Christmas so I shall take your 1st recommendation and read, 'Worth Dying For' ASAP... :)x

  2. I love your list! I am also a die hard Jack Reacher Fan! Jack Rocks! Happy New Year Laura!

  3. The being brave bit is not so much HAVING the list, but more about TELLING THE WHOLE WORLD about it! We'll be checking up on you, of course. :-)

  4. Great list! I think you can do it. I'm taking on most of those myself this year, although I'll switch #4 to "Crochet a MAXIMUM of four cushion covers." My family is starting to rebel. ;)

  5. Happy New Year! You have a good, detailed list! Good luck. Thanks for your support of my blog - I really appreciate it!! :)


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