Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Creative Plans For 2012.....

Since I'm very restricted at the moment on my internet usage, I thought I'd post very quickly on my creative plans for 2012!

We all make silly resolutions in January of each year about losing weight, getting fit, etc etc and some of us even manage to keep them until mid January but my REAL goals are always the creative ones, the ones that result in me holding something and saying 'I made/grew that!!!' - those are the resolutions that I truly hold dear.

So, what are they I hear you ask... Well, on the crochet front, I would like to tackle a cushion made of these which you can find here

Then I thought I'd have a go at something like this.....

I LOVE the idea of chocolate brown, strawberry pink and cream ... Neopolitan ice cream on a hot Summer's day .....

.....and I really really really want to make a cushion like this

and when I'm done with all those I'll probably run up another Ripple Blanket.  Little D's is finished but I haven't been able to upload the photos yet so it will have to be for a future post.

On the gardening front, I want my veg garden to look more like this

and less like the jungles of Borneo!!!!! A tall order I know but I think with alot of hard work I may manage to produce something worth eating.... That is, of course, unless we get another Storm From Hell!!!

So, those are my creative plans for 2012. What are yours????


  1. I don't make resolutions anymore, but I do make want lists for my projects. Lol. Pretty self-indulgent. I give most of the stuff I make away so I don't feel too guilty. I love all your project choices. Can't wait to see them.

  2. I love those cushions! This year I have to get finished with Nani's Hexagon blanket ! Must, must, must!

  3. Hi Laura.. My garden is on my list too, along with a lot of decorating and a holiday :) Inspired by your pic of a lovely garden (is it yours?) I took a photo of my dismal little square patch of weedy grass today..I have also done a plan of what I want it to look like.. if I am brave enough I'll blog about it soon. Meanwhile... I have just blogged about your squares.. I hope you like it :)x

  4. you have chosen some very inspiring pictures! and a lovely garden too. Have you tried using pinterest at all???

  5. The garden in your photo looks not too dissimilar to the blanket design! Just keep adding another square whenever you feel like it...

  6. Yeah I like the crochet. Ha lose weight and get fit are on my list too. Funny, I was thinking about creative projects today. It's not a resolution but I really want to sing more and I think I might try to write a couple of songs. hmm now that I've committed to print I might need to follow through. Good luck with your resolutions.

  7. Hello Laura!
    I've just saw your squares in Stocki's blog ...they are gorgeous :)
    Thank you so much for linking to my square's pattern in your previous post...You're too sweet :)
    I love your list of projects...I should make a list myself ;)
    Have a wonderful week end!


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