Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby Blanket 2....The Perfect Day

Oh my. I think I had my absolute perfect day yesterday. We awoke to grey skies and a very noticeable drop in temperature but being a Saturday it was Library Day for me and Little D. We were there as the doors opened and we came away with 3 videos, 2 books and an audiobook for me. Yay! Little D found a book full of exciting super cars and motorbikes which is his bestest topic at the moment so I knew I was in for a day of endless 'look at this Mum...' and 'Mum, did you know .....'

Late morning the grey skies cleared a little and the sun came out. I'd finished all the squares for Baby Blanket 2 during the week so I knew the time had come for the Big Sew Up!!!!

I gathered together all the squares. Found a space on the living room carpet not taken up by playstation games, legions of toy soldiers or one of my four dogs and set to work laying out the design.....81 squares in total.

I have to say, I was pretty entranced by the sheer beauty of it all - the colours, the mix of brights and pastels, the white borders.....

After playing around for about half an hour (I LOVE this part) I settled on a layout, dug out my little green bag from my sewing box in which I keep all things necessary for sewing up blankets and sweaters, and began....

I sat on my bed with the sun streaming in through the window and lost myself completely in the rhythm of my needle and Little D's gentle murmurings about the wonders of his book.... 

As I worked, I noticed how the light played through the holes in the squares that lay strewn across my bed.
Quite enchanting.

And as the afternoon went by, my Baby Blanket No 2 went from this little mountain of gorgeous granny squares......

to these exquisite ribbons of granny goodness.....

I'm afraid you'll have to wait a few more days for the Ta Dah post.... Whilst I've finished The Big Sew Up, I've now embarked on The Great Border!!!!
Til soon.


  1. Oh, aren't you brave to sew all of those together. If I can't crochet it I don't plan to do it!!! I'm doing a mahoosive granny at the moment and I'm loving the join as you go method. But of course then, as you are, I'll have to do a border, I suppose I had better start thinking about it now.
    xXx Helen

  2. I love the part at the end too, where you get to arrange the squares before putting them together. The colors are beautiful. I also made the playdough from your recipe. So much better than that stuff from the store. Have a great week.

  3. So colorful squares!!! I liked them so much! White border of each square is so pretty! Will be a lovely baby blanket!
    Have a colorful day!
    Olga ☼

  4. This looks like it is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  5. o Laura your blanket looks lovely.

  6. Hi Laura, you're blanket is going to be beautiful. I love the white border xxx

  7. I love that you love this part, the sewing-up. I always find it takes foreeeeever...

    Beautiful blanket--I can't wait to see the Ta-Dah! :)

  8. Hi Laura,
    Congratulations on finishing your beautiful blanket.

    It certainly looked like a perfect day with the sunlight streaming across your work. Yes I love how that happens to. How the light shines through things, and makes a perfect day.

    And the satisfaction of seeing it all come together.



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