Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Blanket No 1......

Hello!!!! Thanks for stopping by. Firstly, I want to say a HUGE thank you for all your heartwarming comments about our recent loss..... It really made it much easier to get through knowing that other people were with us in spirit and thinking of us..... Thank you again.....

It's been a bit of a mad week for me. I took my class of 12 three year olds to a local dairy this week for a school trip. We saw how yoghurt is made and how milk is put into bottles and cartons. Lots of big machines, lots of noise and then lots of yoghurt afterwards!!! They had a ball and thought the funniest thing was that we all had to wear hair nets inside the factory! I must have looked very comical as every time one of them looked at me, they broke out into riotous giggles!!! I aim to please......

I had both sets of parent/teacher interviews for my boys this week too as well as having parent/teacher interviews with the parents of the children in my class. It's very strange to have one meeting where I'm the teacher closely followed by another meeting where I'm the parent. I kept forgetting who I was, where I was and why I was there!!!!

On other subject all together, there is obviously "something in the water" in this area at the moment. Three friends have recently told me they are expecting and another two friends are due pretty soon (one this week and one in July)!

One of them asked me to make her a baby blanket which I've done. She loves all things vintage so it was either going to be granny squares or granny clusters. I opted for the clusters. What do you think?

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. She wanted something she could keep in the car, either to put over baby in the car seat or to use on the grass to put baby on when she's out and about! As you can see, I haven't yet blocked it but hopefully it will even out a bit when I do....!

I'll wash and block it this week and then post a few more pictures to see the difference! I'm always amazed at how much better things look when they've been blocked. I did, however, hang it on my washing line just for some eye candy......

Doesn't it look fab??? There's nothing like a bit of colourful crochet to make me smile... I hung it on the line yesterday morning and went inside to make the boys lunch and when I came back out and saw it hanging there, it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling in my you know the one I mean???

As you can see, I did the centre part in simple rows of granny clusters. Once I reached the length I wanted I bound off then rejoined the yarn to the sides and worked around the rectangle. I finished off with two rows of trebles and then Lucy's border found here. I love blankets with borders. It really does finish them off so well.

So, at least one project is finished. Have 3 WIPs waiting to be completed but we break school on Friday for 3 weeks and I intend spending my holiday time crocheting and gardening.... YAY!  I love the holidays.....
Til soon...


  1. The blanket is very pretty. The colors are wonderful.I can't wait to see the others you are going to make. Oh, you are British aren't you? If so Happy Mother's Day.

    1. I am originally British altho now living in South AFrica! Thanks for the Mother Day wishes and a very Happy Mother's Day to you too... xxx

  2. The blanket is wonderful. You should feel proud.

    1. Thanks so much. Hope you get better soon....x

  3. The blanket is lovely; the baby will be snuggly and comfy in/on/under it - they do go under eventually when they start squirming about don't they, haha ;)
    Enjoy the holidays ;)

  4. thats a lovely planket.


    Hugs Conny

  5. gorgeous blanket laura. The colours are so pretty.
    Enjoy your 3 weeks holiday. x


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