Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer Waves and Stitch Markers.....

Oh my goodness. I had so intended to post more often and yet I notice that my last was 30 Aug and here we are on 23 September .... almost a month difference to the day! Still, I'm nothing if not consistent...! (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!)

Anyway, on to good stuff. Firstly I've been a bit inventive and (dare I say) a wee bit creative and I've made myself some stitch markers...

I used the Teeny Tiny Flowers pattern from Lucy which you can find here. I had some left over crochet cotton in this rather funky purple and a couple of beading rings left over from some long forgotten beading project and ended up making 4 of these beauties. Here are they being used in my latest knitting project -

I am making my first top down cardigan and am using some cappucinno yarn which goes rather beautifully with the purple, don't you think? Never thought of putting the two together but now that I have I'm loving' it!!!!

If you're interested in what I'm making, it's this Summer Waves Cardigan and you can find the Ravelry link here

Isn't it gorgeous? I needed something light and short sleeved to wear over sleeveless summer dresses when I'm feeling a little conscious of those upper arms (anyone else get those moments?) and also something that can go with jeans on a cool spring or autumn day. I love the simplicity of the style with just a dash of 'girlie prettiness' on the front borders. Exquisite.

I'm off now to make meatballs for D and A but have already got another couple of ideas frothing around in my head for more stitch markers. I think I could get quite into making these little poppets out of all sorts of things, so watch this space!!!

I may just enter my stitch markers into The Made It Challenge over at Woolhogs which is where you'll find Rene's version of the Summer Waves Cardi so pop over if you have time and have a look.

How was your weekend?
Have you created anything beautiful recently?
What are your plans for the week ahead?

Til soon.