Thursday, April 26, 2012

An All-Season Crafter - 3KCBWDay4

Are you a knitter or crocheter for all seasons? - that was the brief. Well, I thought, this will be an easy post cos the answer is naturally YES I AM!!! How could I possibly allow a day to go by without knitting or crochet? How could a simple thing like the weather affect my addiction to yarn, needles and all things creative??? What sort of a question is that anyway?

I don't know about you but I cannot conceive my life without yarn and needles or a hook. It's how I relax and it's not necessarily about what I'm making but that I'm making, being creative, producing something out of nothing. For me, my crafts are not additions to my life but an essential part of my life and without them I feel as though something has been amputated or lost. On the rare occasions (and they are very rare) when DH and I go out in the evening, I feel almost deprived because I know I won't be sitting down in the evening to do whatever WIP I have going on at the time. I would never not go out but I do experience a slight feeling of resentment towards other people that they are creeping in on my craft time. Is that too selfish do you think? Do I need to get a life? I think not.

Some people tell me they can't knit or crochet in the Summer because 'ít's too hot' but in my humble opinion they're just not as craft obsessed as I am. I can craft in temps of 30°+ without a problem and have spent many a happy hour watching my kids swim while I knit away poolside at the height of Summer! Equally I can use any type of yarn at any time of year. I'm definitely not a lacy for Summer and chunky for Winter crafting gal, and if the urge hits me to knit a massive Winter chunky knit in the middle of Summer, then so be it! I may well literally lose kilos as I melt under the weight of my creation, but is that not the burden we crafters carry? And we carry it with a smile .....

So if like me you're a free crafting spirit and aren't dictated to by the seasons, then stand up and be proud! If nothing else, we keep the wool industry alive and well all year round!!!!
Til soon.


  1. Oh, I hear you. Especially about the being taken away from my needles part. Just leave me alone with my yarn, I have no need of social activity...

    I too wonder at people saying they cannot knit wool when it is warm. Does not compute. I cannot ever recall a time when I found the work in my lap to be an over-heated burden (and I have not always lived in the cool wilds of Orkney.)


  2. Ha ha Lovely post Laura.. so good to hear that you resent going out sometimes too.. my family say I am obsessed..I'm not, I'm just happy doing what I'm doing...sounds like you are too! Hugs, Jill x

  3. That was an awesome post. I sometimes feel the same about going out on the weekends. I think in my head..."But I dont be able to finished *insert whatever craft project I am working on* like I planned. :)

  4. Well said girl!

    Im with you, I am happy to craft in summer, but if it's real hot, I'm turning on the air conditioner.



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