Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Perfect Craft Day - 3KCBWDAY2

This is my second post for the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week challenge and I've chosen to the use the wildcard topic instead of the photography one as my photographic skills are really not up to much and my camera keeps doing strange things......

For this post I have to create my perfect craft day. At first I found this idea quite challenging as I don't really mind where I am as long as I have knitting or crochet with me but once I started thinking about it, the choice was easy.

I learnt to knit at a very young age and my inspiration was my Nan. She was an incredible needlewoman and her skill at knitting (particularly fairisle) was amazing.

This is the kind of thing that Nan loved to make.

Nan died in 1985 and there have been so many occasions when I wish she could have been here. Not least to meet her great-grandchildren but also to see all the different things I've made over the years thanks to her inspiration.

My Nan

My perfect craft day would be in her house in Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond with a cup of tea and a few delicious cakey things - Nan loved cakes!!! We would spend the morning together with my mum chatting about knitting, patterns, yarn and all things handmade and then in the afternoon we'd travel into London to some of the wool shops where we'd poke, prod and pontificate over colours and plys.

I know she'd love it - I miss you Nan.


  1. Lovely story and still a beautiful photo of your Nan. Enjoy Blog Week!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful day.

  3. You know, knitting with my nan would also be my perfect day. Like yours she didn't live to meet my children (or my husband) and was a huge inspiration to me.

    (I used to live in Richmond too!)

  4. Aw lovely post about your family. Love the vintage pattern.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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