Tuesday, May 1, 2012

D's Bedroom...

I've decided that 2012 will be the year that I make a concerted effort on my house. Most of the rooms are ok(ish) but all of them need finishing off and definitely de-cluttering!!! My first project is going to be Little D's room.

Firstly, from now on I'm going to stop calling him Little D and instead he'll be just D. He's 8 years old this year and is no longer 'little' and I can hardly call him Medium D so D it is! I am, of course, referring to my youngest son whose ripple blanket you'll find here.

When we moved into this house some 7 years ago he was very little so I painted his bedroom walls white up to the picture rail and above that pale blue with clouds and kites. I loved it, he loved it and everyone that saw it loved it so all was good with the world.

Not so any more. D's now decided that it's too babyish for him and that he's embarrassed to bring friends home to play in case they laugh at him so CHANGES MUST BE MADE!!! No-one's going to laugh at my child!!! (I'm now officially in Warrior Mummy mode.)

When I asked him what he wants for his room his answer was simple 'Guns and soldiers!' Um. Not a space theme then? No. How about an undersea bedroom? No thanks. I want guns and soldiers. Oh dear. Warrior Mummy's confidence started to crumble as I envisaged him sleeping among AK47 rifles and rocket launchers. Deep breath. Calm down. Let's google some ideas......

First I saw this mural which, if I was remotely talented as an artist, would be PERFECT!!!!

I quite like the idea of these soldier stencils around the room and D could help me do them.....

I REALLY like this bedding. There's no way I'll find something similar here in SA (very limited choice) but if I can find some camo fabric then I could probably run up a couple of reversible duvet covers myself. May work out cheaper too!

Then, I saw this which is going to be my model for his room. Most of it I can do myself (even the walls!) and the rest I can probably rope a couple of friends in to help me with.....pretty please???

I know it's pretty 'themed' like those scary bedrooms at the Disney hotels and D's won't be quite so hectic but I love the window blind, the beanbag and the vines on the walls. He doesn't have a bunk bed but I can probably get some camo netting to hang over his bed like a mozzie net and...... (as you can see I'm getting quite excited and enthusiastic about this project)!

So what do you think? Good for go or stop right now and go for something a little more classic??? Give the boy the bedroom of his dreams (within budget of course) or convince him that he really needs something more conservative??? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?????????????
Advice will be appreciated.......


  1. Hi Laura, I would give him the bedroom of his dreams. It will have to be changed again one day but he can look back and think 'Mum made my room exactly how I wanted it'. That to me is priceless. It's sad when they grow up though, I spent hours making a quilt and cross stitch pictures for my daughter when she was little and they're now shoved in a bag under her bed. Oh well, maybe her children can have them one day. Lots of love xxx

    1. I know what you mean. I made a load of winnie the pooh cross stitch pictures for D and ended up giving them away!!! Kept one little pic tho - hopeful that one day I'll have grandchildren.....xxx

  2. OMG, that is an awesome idea! Just do it. When he gets older he'll hate it but for now he'll be the coolest kid he knows and EVERYONE is going to want to play at D's house. Take lots of pictures when it's finished and add them to his keepsakes. You can always pull out the photos and show those to your grandkids. Don't do the soldier stencils, that's still kind of "baby". I would go totally camo. Look for army surplus supplies online. You could probably pick up netting used to hide stuff and hang it across his ceiling. Good luck!

    1. Totally agree with the stencil thing. Am going to run the pics past him tonight so we'll see what he thinks.....

  3. Totally go for it Laura! Fab bedroom ideas. As a child I always wanted a girlie room but my mum would never allow it and I had a very grown up room instead so I say give D his special room as he will remember it forever. :-)

  4. Go for it! Awesome idea for his bedroom. Can't wait to see what you do.


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