Sunday, May 6, 2012

From my two sticks...!

I've been working today in our bookshop so between serving customers I've also been dashing about on the internet. I've recently put down my crochet hook for a while and taken up my 'two sticks' again - this is D's description of my knitting needles!

First I discovered this wonderful lady Kate Davies.

She's a knitwear designer and her work is fabulicious!!! If you enjoy knitting or simply enjoy good design, please do yourself a favour and pop over to her site and see the rest of her beautiful work. I've already earmarked this pattern to buy -

 That's a cowl I would definitely wear and in a similar colourway it would go with everything! How about this? She has made it as a cowl but I would probably do it as a scarf .... don't you love her coat???

Then I scurried over to (where else would a girl go on a Sunday afternoon?) and discovered Boo Knits. If, like me, you gaze in awe at some of the shawls that people make, check these out....

Are they not exquisite? Shawls really suit the South African climate particularly in the Spring and Autumn when the evenings are cool. Ho hum. I can see quite a few new projects on the horizon.....

Til soon.


  1. What beautiful pics - food for the creative soul and no mistake! Fortunately I am very aware these are beyond my skills at present so am content just to admire from afar! Those shawls are SO beautiful! Go on, give one a go!

  2. Oh those shawls are gorgeous!


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