Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chair Love!!!!

Hello! My week has been relaxed (now that I'm on school hols) but both my boys still had school so I found I had a couple of hours each day to myself....a rare treat. I've been getting on with the knitting commission I posted about last week and have added a couple of rows to my blanket but mostly I finished something I've been working on for months. Let me start at the beginning.....

A while ago whilst wandering around a local antique shop, I spotted this

A beautiful wrought-iron rocking chair!
She was a little tired, a little jaded with paint peeling off in places and a few cobwebs here and there but I loved her!
I bought her (despite the fact that we had NO spare money that particular month), and I cleaned her up.
Then I sat back and thought about cushions.
She needed some, no doubt about that, but what kind? Fabric or yarn? Muted tones or a colour blast?
I couldn't decide.
Then suddenly I had a vision and I knew exactly what I was going to do.
And I've done it. And here she is ......

...complete...... all her fabulous beauty.......

Is she not gorgeous? Is she not a riot of yummy colour? She sits in our living room at the moment but I know in our next house there will be the most perfect verandah for her to occupy, perfect for her and perfect for me with my coffee and my yarn.......

Happy Easter everyone.
Til soon.


  1. It looks great. It's a pity you couldn't show us a "Before" photo, but it certainly looks fab now! You now need a matching little round table of suitable height, on which to perch your coffee or G&T.

    1. Thanks Mark. I didn't think to take a 'before' pic as I was so keen to clean her up! She looked so sad! Definitely will find a little table .... I like the sound of that G&T!!! xxx

  2. Laura, she's fabulous! And yes, she is indeed a riot of happy colour! What a wonderful new lease of life you've given her! E x

  3. What a transformation! It's wonderful :-) Avis x


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