Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kim Hargreaves

Hello .......
For those of you that follow knitwear designers the name Kim Hargreaves will not be new to you. She is (in my humble opinion) an amazing designer and comes up with designs that are both unique and very wearable - definitely my kind of garments.
If you'd like to know more about Kim, click here.

A while ago I ordered one of Kim's knitting pattern books.
Now I'm not a great fan of knitting books as although I love looking through them, they do tend to be expensive and there is usually only one or two patterns that I would ever make.
However, this one was different.
As I scrolled through it on the internet (or the interweb as my 73 year old mom calls it!) I was finding myself saying things like "I'd make that" and "I could wear that with jeans"......
That's when I know that I need to buy the book.
It arrived today and is as glorious in print as it was on the interweb (sorry but I just can't stop using that word) ......
It's called Spirit .......

Can you see the writing down on the bottom right-hand side? Guess what it says?

21 designs!!!! Now that has GOT to be good value for money!
I thought I'd show you my favourites. I know I'll make all these at some point.....
within the next 2 years ....
or 12 months .....
or 6 months .......

First up is this one called Poise. It's so elegant with it's mix of rib and cables.
I love the neckline and I also love the way it's fitted.
I used to hate fitted sweaters but I'm realising now (thanks largely to What Not To Wear) that "big and baggy" (or "comfortable" as I used to call it) simply makes me look bigger than I really am!
We all have curves so why not show them off!!!!

Next is a cheeky little number called Peek. It's lacy and a little bit see through but with our climate here in South Africa, something that will let the cool air through is often much appreciated!

Then we have Bold. Great for Winter days with a pair of jeans and boots. Very striking. Knitted here in petrol blue and white but I'm thinking of two shades of grey.....

Moving on to Moni which is a classic shape and could be worn with almost anything (always useful)! I'm seeing this in a berry red which is one of my strongest colours.

Don't you love the collar?

Finally we get to my absolute bestest favourite .... Ease. Feast your eyes on this.

I love everything about this design. The shawl collar, the double breasted front, the moss stitch welts and cuffs and especially the colour. Dirty, sludgy, autumn/winter colours are my palette and this deep mushroom ticks all the right boxes for me.

Here's a couple of close ups ....

♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥

So that's my little bit of eye candy for the day.
And just when I thought that my choices for my 12 in 12 Challenge had been made ...... Ho Hum.

Til soon.


  1. Add 'em to your list Laura! They look fabulous and so wearable! I love the last one especially - perfect with denim or neutrals - the kind of cardigan I live in. Always nice when a book one has splashed out on has plenty of realistic and desirable projects and not just one or the other as can often be the case! E x

    1. Absolutely E - I've bought books in the past that I've only made 1 item from and it's such a waste of money. This one won't be one of those!!! x

  2. Hello and glad I stumbled on your blog! Beautiful knits (my favourite is Poise) and looking forward to read posts in the future.
    Happy 2014!

    1. Welcome to My House and thanks so much for your comments. x


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