Saturday, August 1, 2015

Over The Sea To Skye .....

Hello... How are you? Thanks for stopping by.

Remember this?

Well, it's turned into this.

The pattern is Over The Sea To Skye and if you get the chance, please make it because it's easy, rhythmical and a pleasure to make. There are lots of lovely stitch changes to keep your brain happy but it's still great a great TV knit or something for one of those long car/train journeys. Here's my Ravelry link for my project if you're interested.

In terms of the yarn it was spectacular! Everything I wanted and I'd been dreaming about knitting with this yarn for some considerable time so expectations were high. It worked up like a charm, didn't slip and slide on my needles and then blocked quickly and easily with no snagging on the pins. I've worn it twice since making it and it's as light as a feather and very very warm. I can imagine that socks in this yarn would be amazingly warm!

Enough words. Here are some more pics.....

That last pic really shows how the yarn works differently depending on the stitch. I'm always fascinated by how using different stitches can complete the change the look of a yarn. I'll be using this particular yarn again I can assure you....

Til soon.


  1. Goodness that's beautiful Laura! Gorgeous pattern, gorgeous yarn, beautifully knitted by you - an all round success! thank you so much for your comments on my blog and for the link to the top made from fabric and crochet together - you are right - I am seriously tempted to have a go at this! Might need to find a pattern with more sleeve though - post the big 50 birthday I am becoming a bit more self conscious about wearing sleeveless tops and sadly, my beloved short skirts too! Hey ho! Wishing you a lovely weekend and happy knitting E xx

  2. Whoo hoo- this beauty is finished!! You know I picked up this pattern after seeing the progress on yours. Thank you for the inspiration!


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