Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Garden Shed

To me, a native of the UK, no garden is complete without a garden shed. Whether it be a fancy outdoor room or a basic structure with four walls, a roof and a door, the garden shed is to the gardener what a computer is to the geek. Essential.

So what, exactly is a garden shed for? Well, to some people it's a hideaway, a place to  shut out the rest of the World and just chill out. To others it's a practical place where seedlings are transplanted, cuttings are taken and gardens are planned. To even more it's just a storeroom, a place to keep bags of fertilizers, potting soils and tools.

My grandfather’s shed was at the bottom of the garden and was like a secret hideaway to my brother and I. It always smelt of wood shavings and peat which even today are smells that can launch me back forty odd years to that small town garden in London. There were old tools, a deckchair, a workbench and a radio. Four crucial elements of any respectable garden shed.
But what more could it be? Instead of looking out of your window onto this
(picture from

with a bit of elbow grease and imagination, you could look out onto this

(picture from

I know which one I would prefer.

A  shed doesn’t even have to look like a shed. I love the idea of this one as a home for a hobbit or a gnome!

(picture from

Or how about this? Remember Dr Who and his tardis? 

(pic from

Let your imagination run wild! You could have a castle, a gingerbread house or even your own little chapel...

(pic from

It doesn’t even have to be made of wood. If you’re into the industrial look, how about this?

(picture from

And for those of you who like something different and a little modern, this will certainly give you an “aaaahhh” moment..... 

(picture from

So what can you do to transform your shed? The most obvious is to give it a lick of paint. Choose brown, green or blue to make it blend it with nature or go completely the other way and make it a focal point by painting it a vivid bright colour. The sky’s the limit!

Next, take a look at the inside. Get organised with hooks and shelves. Give each item a dedicated place so you know instinctively when your other half (or your kids) has removed something and not replaced it! (Many a time has my trowel ended up in the sandpit!) Get as much off the floor as you can. That way it’s easier to sweep out and keep tidy. You’ve then got room to put in a comfy chair for those moments of gardening bliss on cloudy days when it's just too chilly to sit outside.

Even the dullest shed can be transformed. An eyesore can become a thing of beauty…..

(pic from

No matter what you choose, nor how it looks, there is no doubt that every garden needs a shed. For storage, for keeping bags of compost away from the dog or simply for sitting in and enjoying a well earned cuppa as the rain pours down outside!

Every man’s home may be his castle but every man’s shed is his little piece of paradise!!!

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  1. I love the Tardis look myself. We bought a trailer for camping and we played with the idea of stencilling 'Tardis' on the back of it. I couldn't imagine not having a garden shed, where else would I put all my stuff?


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