Friday, August 19, 2011

Putting the BOOT in!!!

I know this is a little off the topic of growing veg but I couldn't resist a post about gum boots!!! I'm no fashion guru but for some unknown reason I have a passion for these totally unfeminine and yet massively practical footwear!

I can remember growing up when gum boots came in two colours - black or black! Then came blue (I guess to fit in with British school uniforms) and then I began to notice that rather lovely British racing green creeping through the boot department of our local garden centre in Sussex.

Little did I know that a gum boot revolution was on it's way! (Here I can imagine gum boots the World over rising up in damp sheds everywhere and shouting, 'We demand to be noticed!")

And noticed they were.....

No longer happy to remain in the back of cupboards, trapped upside down on boot holders or slung mercilessly into the boots (excuse the pun) of cars, these boots came kicking and screaming into our lives and changed our thinking on rubber footwear forever.....

You can tell so much about a gardener simply by their gum boots. Living in South Africa and being a lover of our native wildlife, these are currently a favourite of mine ....

But for the 'horsey' set among you - what about these?

And if you're just looking for a pair to brighten your day (with perhaps a hint of 70s psychedelic madness), then these are just up your street!

But whatever you choose to wear, be it plain or patterned, there is nothing like a good pair of wellies when your're gardening!

As Nancy Sinatra put it, 'these boots are made for walking...' but what she didn't mention was that they're also good for stomping through endless heaps of sloppy mud whilst trying to double dig your veg patch!!!

Happy stompin'!
p.s. Send me pics of your favourite gum boots - if you're a real gardener you'll definitely have more than one pair!

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