Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goodbye to Picnik ...........

Hello!!! Firstly let me say that living without the internet at home is slowly killing me so if I sound a little insane today then please forgive me..... Our phone company will not commit as to whether they are going to replace the stolen cables or not so we live in limbo at the moment. I think however, we will cancel the phone this week and endeavour to get wireless connection..... all on Africa time which is, to say the least, slow...

I came to work this morning, turned on the computer, logged into email and discovered to my horror that PICNIK IS CLOSING DOWN!!!! I am devastated. For those of you that don't know, Picnik is a free photo editing online package and is FAB!!! I discovered it a few years ago and then promptly forgot the name of it but was reminded recently by another blogger and I've been using it ever since! Now they've decided to close it down so I set off across the net to find another similar tool.

The good news is I've found one!!! YAY!! It's called Lunapic and it's wonderful.... The photos in this post were done on it and it's also very easy so pop over and give it a try!!! I'm still very sad to lose Picnik but hopefully Lunapic will take it's place......

One thing about not having the internet at home is that I've been busy hooking... I put this together earlier this week but am not sure what it will be when it grows up .....

I'm thinking of a cushion cover but am still not sure.....

I was playing around the other night with various things to try and make a handle for my crochet hook and in the end made these out of oven-bake clay ....

Not the greatest photo I know and the handles are a little knobbly in places but SO much more comfortable to use!!! If you have a craft store nearby please go and get some clay and make one or two for yourself. Cheap as chips and really easy. Mold the clay into a sausage and then gently push the hook down through the sausage. Pinch it at the top around the hook stem and then use a pin to prick the number of the hook size into the bottom otherwise you won't know which hook is which!!!

A couple of friends have asked me to make for them so I'm going to buy more clay in pinks and greens this week...will post more next time!!!

I've finished my Blooming Flower Cushion from Attic24 but have yet to take pics and am starting some grannys squares this evening.  Am going to spend the next hour or so looking for a suitable pattern and playing around with colour options......bliss......

Have a fab day!!!


  1. I was similarly horrified to see that Picnik is closing. Just when you get familiar with something they change it. ARRGGGHHHHH! It's all a conspiracy to get us to move over to Google+ so that Google can rule the world...
    Must have a look at Lunapic.

  2. Your latest crochet project is looking gorgeous! I can see it as a lovely cushion with a scalloped edge trim...very happy-inducing!
    Have a lovely evening :)

  3. Hmmm... those squares are saying 'cushion' to me! I can't believe Picnik is going either... I only just found it! I must have a look at Lunapic. Can't wait to see you flower cushion... don't keep us waiting too long! :)x

  4. I love your lil squares so so cute! they will look lovely as a cushion. I will take a look at lunatic, I edit photos using photoshop most the time.
    Im really looking forward to the blooming flower tadah! :)

  5. Love the squares, don't they look great together! I too am gutted about Picnik, I use it everyday.... Will toddle off now to check out your recommendation! Jxo

  6. Isn't it soooo annoying when the internet people choose to do something like shutting down Piknik. Why, people, why do you do these things? Grrr.

    Apparently, it's to get us to use something on Google + called Google Creative..or something! Grrr.

    I'm o looking forward to seeing your crocheted creation! IT sounds gorgeous!



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