Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Great Phone Cable Theft

Well, it had to happen and last week it did. They (our local friendly robbers) stole our phone cables!!! The cables in our area have steadily been disappearing since before Christmas so we knew it was only a matter of time before our little lane was hit! And hit we were!
We now have no landline phone nor internet so I'm reduced to using the internet at our bookshop in between serving customers......
So, I may be a little erratic in my blog posting over the next couple of weeks until we get wireless internet installed at home.
Please bear with me.....normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.....


  1. So it isn't only happening in the UK then! Thieves seem to have just discovered this here.. or is it that we are only just hearing about it on the news? Ratbags I say... absolute ratbags! It is a very selfish crime isn't it... on a lighter note, a lovely package arrived for me yesterday.. all the way from South Africa.. I'll be blogging about it tomorrow..but for now.. THANK YOU!!! :)x

  2. Goodness me they really are cretins!!!! Thank you so much for the award I have been snowed under last few days an will hopefully be blogging today! It really is very lovely of you and I'm so pleased you like reading my blog.

  3. You really are having a bad time at present! As Stocki says, this sort of thing has regrettably become quite common in the UK. Lots of the delays on our railway system are allegedly caused by thieves stealing signalling cables. And perhaps the most common of all is the theft of lead from church roofs. We even see instances of thieves stealing the plaques from War Memorials. So sad, and so utterly despicable.

  4. Oh these blasted crooks! South Africa is such a wonderful country, it's sad that these criminals have such free reign :(
    I am sorry ...
    ♥ and hugs...

  5. Oh no that's terrible!!!!! I hope you get up and running soon!!! Thanks for all your lovely comments over at the green dragonfly. Jx


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