Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year - New Award!!!!

I had such a lovely surprise today! Kashi from awarded me a Liebster Award!!!! This is an award for new bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The rules are simple : when you receive the award you mention and link back to the person who nominated you, then you award the Liebster to 5 more new bloggers who have less than 200 followers! A wonderful idea and a great way to get new people looking at your blog!

I still can't believe I've been awarded - I think I must sound a bit like one of those mental American actresses when they receive an Oscar but I'm so excited!!!!!!
When I started blogging last year it really was just a record for myself so I could see how the year progressed, what I did personally and what we did as a family and, of course, it was about my little adventure into veg gardening for the first time.....

But now my blog is SO much's taken on a life of it's own and every avenue of my life has crept into it. Sometimes it's like a demanding child and it screams and hollers for attention at the most inconvenient times, but mostly it's like a good friend just sitting there quietly waiting for me to sit down with a cup of coffee to have a chat......

And the people I've met!!! Truly inspiring.... So now it's my turn to say THANK YOU by nominating the Liebster myself. Here are my nominees....

1) - here you'll find Jill from the UK who is funny, generous to a fault and very creative. She has some great pattern links on her site and, of course, you'll meet the delightful Fred......

2) - a delightful veg growing lady in Australia who lives with Monkey Man and two little monkeys and has a serious problem with the goats next door......

3) You'll meet up with Shelley at She's mum to Megan (her inspiration) and still has time to crochet, bake and grow veg!!!

4) Kristen is at She always makes me smile, is a little quirky (she likes stuffed mice.....) and her blog is a treasuretrove!

5) was one of the first blogs I started following as an amateur veg grower. Hazel bought a Fat Fruit Greenhouse last year and is recording all that grows therein for one year..... it's fascinating (if you're into veg growing) and she's made me realise that I WANT A GREENHOUSE!!!!

So, there they are, my five nominations for the Liebster Award. I wanted to nominate Heidi and Mark because theirs are blogs I never miss, but they had too many followers so I couldn't...... 

Quickly before I rush off to do some more teaching prep for school next week - (sigh ... are the holidays really over???) - I just have to post a link to Angie at who has made this....

which I think is one of the prettiest afghan squares I've ever seen........
And on a final final note (I really am going in a sec...) Little D presented me with this at the end of last year as an early Christmas present -

In case you can't work it out (my photographic skills are not great...) it's a Pig Calendar for 2012 and I LOVE IT!!!! He made it in art class and don't you just adore that pig's face???

and the bling bling beady hanging device???

*** P - E - R - F - E - C - T ***

  I've named him Mr Pig and he hangs by my kitchen door, always there ... just hanging around....
Kid's art rocks!!!!
I really am going now so 'til next time.... xxx


  1. Hey Laura... thanks so much for my Liebster Award! I am honored to be amongst the 5 you have chosen..I do love this bloggy world we live in...who would have thought that I would ever talk to someone in South Africa, let alone get a peek into their everyday life.. the world is shrinking! Big hug, Jill :)x ps: I saw Angie's squares today too... amazing aren't they? :)x

  2. Whoops! Laura I forgot to say... Congratulations on your Liebster Award too! Well deserved of course :)x

  3. Congratulations Laura! Your blog is great. Don't you hate the end of holidays. In Australia we have a couple more weeks still... I'm trying not to remember the exact date. Thank you so much for nominating me. It is fantastic to know that people read and enjoy what you write isn't it? Now I have received this award before so I won't be doing the 5 more nominations but thank you very much.

  4. Hi Laura; Congratulations on receiving this award. Your enthusiasm is so evident! And your blog is blossoming, isn't it? Like you, I started on just one theme (gardening) but have moved on from there, and my blog is now about whatever I want it to be about (mostly food these days :) ) The "cup of tea" metaphor is very clever, BTW.

  5. Congratulations on your award, Laura! It's well deserved, your makes are lovely. And thank you for passing it along to me, as well. I am honored to be in such beautiful company! :)


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