Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Day That Was.....

Hello!!! Here I am again.... Not much to post at the moment as I'm busy putting together various crochet items that are nearly finished but not quite there yet. I had earmarked yesterday to finish them all (I have three in my basket) but unfortunately things did not go to plan....

Firstly I tried to put together my Blooming Flower Cushion but went hopelessly wrong and ended up having not only to unpick but CUT (yes, you heard correctly) the last two rounds of the front AND the back in order to get it back on track! Was I mortified??? In a word, yes but thankfully I've now got it back into some sense of order so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!

Then I started a back section for another cushion and got three rows from the end only to realise that I'd done the whole thing 6cm too small!!!! Please don't ask me how I managed to do it because I couldn't tell you but needless to say the air was blue and there was a lot of frantic pulling out .... ! Not very grown up I know but you crafters will understand - you have a limited time to do a certain number of crafty things but everything you touch goes wrong - have you been there recently?'

I should have taken a deep breath, stopped everything, had a cup of tea and an iced bun and thought things through. That's what I SHOULD have done. Is that what I did? No. I picked up yet another project and attempted to finish it. It didn't work but I won't go into details. That particular project is now neatly rolled back up into little colourful balls in my workbasket eagerly awaiting another day and another project ....... into......

In words of one syllable, yesterday was NOT a good day. While I was huffing and puffing around the house generally throwing ALL my toys, Little D and I were also attempting to do a school project about weighing things. That, I'm relieved to say, went without a hitch so at least I got something right! He was very pleased with it and I know will be as proud as punch on Monday at school when he shows his class!

In retrospect I would much rather Little D's thing went well and mine didn't. What are a few crochet items compared to a 7 year old's first school project? No comparison.

Oh yes. One thing did go well for me yesterday. I picked my last crops from my little veg garden. One cabbage and a whole bunch of spring onions! The cabbage is in the fridge waiting to be made into coleslaw this evening and the spring onions are all gone - I made a massive salad for lunch yesterday which was scrummy!!!!

So, how was your weekend? As many ups and downs as mine? I hope not.....


  1. As your blog header states: " days are full and varied..." They can't ALL be good, can they? Hope things have settled down a bit for you by now. I've had a pretty idle weekend because the snow and ice has put paid to any gardening I might have wanted to do.

  2. Oh dear Laura.. we all have those days...the ones I hate most are those when I don't even have 10 minutes crochet time.. that makes me really cross! Even unpicking time is better than NO time :)x


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