Sunday, June 17, 2012

Two Needle Socks

I don't know about you but I'm always amazed at how many people around the World love to knit socks! Whilst I love handmade socks and think that they're much much warmer than factory produced ones, I could no more knit with four double pointed needles on a regular basis than fly round the moon! BUT I do admire the people that can and therefore do. They knit the most incredible socks in luscious sock wools in the most fabulous colours. If you want to see what I mean have a look here.

However, if (like me) you are a two needle knitter as opposed to a four needle knitter DO NOT DESPAIR!!! I have a pattern for handmade socks which are easy to make, have a great fit and will keep your tootsies warm and snug on even the coldest of days. And here they are....

What do you think? Can you see your feet in these? If so, here's the pattern.........

What You Need
Sock Wool
3mm needles
Tapestry needle to sew up


Patt = moss stitch 
SKTPO = slip 1, k2tog, psso
WSF = wrong side facing

How To Make Them

Using 3mm needles cast on 115sts. (25sts for cuff, 20sts for leg (this can be more if you want longer socks), 28sts for the heel and 42sts for the foot.
Row 1          (WSF) K25, p20, patt 28, p42
Row 2          K42, patt 28, K20, K25
Row 3          K25, p20, patt 28, p42
Row 4          K42, patt 28, K20, K25
Row 5          K25, p20, patt 28, p42
Row 6          K42, patt 28, K20, K25
Row 7          K25, p20, patt 28, p42
Row 8          K42, patt 28, K20, K25
Row 9          K25, p20, patt 28, p42
Shape one side of heel:
Row 10        K42, patt 12sts, K2tog, SKPO, patt 12sts, K20, K25 (113sts)
Row 11        K25, p20, patt 26sts, p42
Row 12        K42, patt 11sts, K2tog, SKPO, patt 11sts, K20, K25 (111sts)
Row 13        K25, p20, patt 24sts, p42
Row 14        K42, patt 10sts, K2tog, SKPO, patt 10sts, K20, K25 (109sts)
Row 15        K25, p20, patt 22sts, p42
Row 16        K42, patt 9sts, K2tog, SKPO, patt 9sts, K20, K25 (107sts)
Row 17        K25, p20, patt 20sts, p42
Row 18        K42, patt 8sts, K2tog, SKPO, patt 8sts, K20, K25 (105sts)
Row 19        K25, p20, patt 18sts, p42
Row 20        K42, patt 7sts, K2tog, SKPO, patt 7sts, K20, K25 (103sts)
Row 21        K25, p20, patt 16sts, p42
Row 22        K42, patt 6sts, K2tog, SKPO, patt 6sts, K20, K25 (101sts)
Row 23        K25, p20, patt 14sts, p42
Row 24        Knit
Row 25        K25, p to end
Rep last 2 rows 26 times more (Rows 26 to 77)
Shape other side of heel:
Row 78        K42, patt 6sts, m1, K2, m1, patt 6sts, K20, K25 (103sts)
Row 79        K25, p20, patt 16sts, p42
Row 80        K42, patt 7sts, m1, K2, m1, patt 7sts, K20, K25 (105sts)
Row 81        K25, p20, patt 18sts, p42
Row 82        K42, patt 8sts, m1, K2, m1, patt 8sts, K20, K25 (107sts)
Row 83        K25, p20, patt 20sts, p42
Row 84        K42, patt 9sts, m1, K2, m1, patt 9sts, K20, K25 (109sts)
Row 85        K25, p20, patt 22sts, p42
Row 86        K42, patt 10sts, m1, K2, m1, patt 10sts, K20, K25 (111sts)
Row 87        K25, p20, patt 24sts, p42
Row 88        K42, patt 11sts, m1, K2, m1, patt 11sts, K20, K25 (113sts)
Row 89        K25, p20, patt 26sts, p42
Row 90        K42, patt 12sts, m1, K2, m1, patt 12sts, K20, K25 (115sts)
Row 91        K25, p20, patt 28sts, p42
Row 92        K42, patt 28sts, K20, K25
Row 93        K25, p20, patt 28sts, p42
Row 94        K42, patt 28sts, K20, K25
Row 95        K25, p20, patt 28sts, p42
Row 96        K42, patt 28sts, K20, K25
Row 97        K25, p20, patt 28sts, p42
Row 98        K42, patt 28sts, K20, K25
Cast off loosely.
Shape toe:
Using 3mm needles, pick up and k89sts evenly along lower end of sock.
Row 1          Patt 21sts, SKTPO, patt 41sts, SKTPO, patt 21sts. (85sts)
Row 2          Patt
Row 3          Patt 20sts, SKTPO, patt 39, SKTPO, patt 20sts. (81sts)
Row 4          Patt
Row 5          Patt 19sts, SKTPO, patt 37, SKTPO, patt 19sts. (77sts)
Row 6          Patt
Row 7          Patt 18sts, SKTPO, patt 35, SKTPO, patt 18sts. (73sts)
Row 8          Patt
Row 9          Patt 17sts, SKTPO, patt 33, SKTPO, patt 17sts. (69sts)
Row 10        Patt
Row 11        Patt 16sts, SKTPO, patt 31, SKTPO, patt 16sts. (65sts)
Row 12        Patt
Row 13        Patt 15sts, SKTPO, patt 29, SKTPO, patt 15sts. (61sts)
Row 14        Patt
Row 15        Patt 14sts, SKTPO, patt 27, SKTPO, patt 14sts. (57sts)
Row 16        Patt
Row 17        Patt 13sts, SKTPO, patt 25, SKTPO, patt 13sts. (53sts)
Row 18        Patt 12sts, SKTPO, patt 23, SKTPO, patt 12sts. (49sts)
Row 19        Patt 11sts, SKTPO, patt 21, SKTPO, patt 11sts. (45sts)
Row 20        Patt 10sts, SKTPO, patt 19, SKTPO, patt 10sts. (41sts)
Row 21        Patt 9sts, SKTPO, patt 17, SKTPO, patt 9sts. (37sts)
Row 22        Patt 8sts, SKTPO, patt 15, SKTPO, patt 8sts. (33sts)
Row 23        Patt 7sts, SKTPO, patt 13, SKTPO, patt 7sts. (29sts)
Row 24        Patt 6sts, SKTPO, patt 11, SKTPO, patt 6sts. (25sts)
Row 25        Patt 5sts, SKTPO, patt 9, SKTPO, patt 5sts. (21sts)
Row 26        Patt 4sts, SKTPO, patt 7, SKTPO, patt 4sts. (17sts)
Row 27        Patt 3sts, SKTPO, patt 5, SKTPO, patt 3sts. (13sts)
Break yarn, thread through rem sts, pull up tightly and fasten off.
Sew seam.
So that's it! Easy, peasy lemon squeezy!!! Please have a go because once you've made one pair you'll become addicted and soon your entire family and neighbourhood will have a pair of your handmade socks on their feet!!!! We could start a Sock Revolution!!!!

If you do make a pair please let me know and I'll post your link on a future post!

Happy knitting!!!!
Til soon.


  1. I am definitely a 2 needle knitter! I made my daughter some socks a couple of years ago but don't know where the pattern is now. Thanks for sharing this, will give it a go in the Winter xxx

    1. Hi Emma - I really hope you try this pattern. It looks really hard but it isn't and the resulting socks are truly fab!!! x

  2. While I mainly crochet I learned to knit first. But I have never tried to knit socks. Looks complicated but probably isn't!

    1. These are really quite easy and once you get into the pattern they go really quickly. Worth a go - just the cost of a ball of sock wool!!! xxx

  3. Oh my they look lovely but complicated for my simple knitting skills. May have to my to do list. I do have a crochet pattern for socks which I think I will add to my year of projects list. Are you joining the year of projects group?

    1. Hi Shelley - have a go at these cos even tho it looks hard, it's really not I promise! What's the year of projects group? I keep hearing about it but am not sure what it is! xxx

  4. I must tr this! Need to knit socks for my 2 boys,, as I'm not finding woollen socks for kids anywhere, Project for the school holiday :-)

    1. Hope you do cos you'll get hooked, I promise you! Let me know if you make some! xxx

  5. My mother tried to teach me to knit once when I was young and it didn't go over too well. Sigh, maybe I could order a pair ready made. LOL

  6. Hello!!! I have nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog" award. You can view your nomination here
    You can pass this award on, or just enjoy the fact that your blog is awesome! xxxx

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! What a great pattern for all the 2-needle knitters!
    I have to try this.
    I am just knitting my first sock with 5-needles and it is a struggle, i tried it for years and i don't like it.

  8. Please tell me where I will find the "lower end of sock"?

  9. what size do these come out at please as I only have little feet and most sock patterns are too big, my feet are english size 4 x

    1. Hi Micki - These were for an adult size 7. Have you tried on Ravelry looking for a child's sock pattern? A friend of mine also has size 4 and she uses a children's pattern. You could also go on Facebook and do a search for the Winwick Mum Sockalong page which is for sock knitters. Either Christine Perry (the page host) or the knitters themselves will be able to help you with a pattern I'm sure. I hope that helps. Good luck!

  10. I need them for size 8 1/2 male foot. My husband is a Seabee Reservist and always loosing his black socks he needs for drill and we find out when we are getting his drill weekend gear organized and ready for drill so we are spending money every month on socks.

    1. Hi Darcy - You will need to increase the number of stitches for the foot length. The pattern fits me (UK size 7) and my toe to heel foot length is 24cm. I suggest you measure your hubby's foot length, do a gauge swatch to work out how many stitches you get to the inch then add on the relevant number of stitches in the pattern where it states 42sts for the foot. This should give you the right number to fit your hubby!. Hope that makes sense.... Good luck!

  11. There is something wrong in the pattern, if you knit 2 together and slip one stitch over 2 together knitted stitches, it is a decrease of 3 stitches not 2.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I presume you're referring to the toe shaping and the SKTPO abbreviation. This means slip 1 st, then k2tog and pass the slipped stitch over. That is a decrease of 2 stitches in total.


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