Friday, July 6, 2012

Back In the Land of the Living!

Last week was good. Schools broke up on Thursday and I envisioned three weeks of catching up on all the things I don't get time to do during term time. I wanted to start redecorating D's bedroom (army style), there are cupboards in my house that haven't seen a good sort out for at least .... (ahem) years and I had a plethera of craft ideas bumbling around in my brain just waiting to see the light of day. I was soooooo excited   that the holidays had come........

Then on Thursday afternoon I went down with Bronchitis and I've only just resurfaced!!! I don't remember ever feeling so rough for so long but with help from my Mum (who dropped everything to come and help me) and my fabulous boys and DH, I am (at last) back in the land of the living!

I did venture out very briefly on one of my sick days to get some fresh air with D. We took a stroll down the farm road outside our gate .....

The sun shone......

D went ahead to rekkie out the road for me in case of bandits (I jest of course)......

and even our littlest dog was glad to see me up and about if only for a short while .....

I only lasted about 15 mins before having to head home and back to my bed but it was good to get out and feel the sun on my skin.

So now I'm fully on the mend and I've started some new hooky......yay! I've decided to have a bash at a simple granny style shawl and this is where I am so far.....

What do you think? It's a self-patterning yarn so it should get quite interesting as I progress! I love the simplicity of the clusters and it's so melodic to work on. I'm really enjoying it and am seeing a very 70s style fringe all around it when I'm finished! 

On a final note, I thought I'd leave you with this cartoon that I stumbled across somewhere. It's very apt and if you knit or sew, I think you'll relate.
Til soon.


  1. So sorry to hear you've been poorly. Bronchitis is not a joke. Love the pics of where you live - looks so inviting to me sitting here while the rain pours down yet again against the windows. Hope you now get some uninterrupted time for all those projects you have for the school holidays - your shawl will be so snuggly - looking forward to seeing it grow! I have also started something with self-striping yarn but so far I am not convinced whether I like it! We'll see! Take care and don't overdo it! E x

  2. Oh Laura sorry you have been poorly, glad you are better now. Lovely pictures u have taken.
    I love your shawl & look forwards to seeing it progress.

  3. So glad you are up and about now. Can't wait to see your new project all finished!!

  4. Hi Laura; Sorry to hear that you have been unwell. I wondered why things had been quiet in your corner recently, but now I know why. Hopefully you are taking it a bit easy for a while. (Sitting down doing some crochet maybe? Not gardening!)

  5. Glad you are on the mend, it's so frustrating isn't it when you have so much on your mind, but no energy to do anything? Hope you get lots of rest during the holidays.

  6. Good to hear you're getting back on your feet. I've always loved Garfield that's great.


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