Friday, December 21, 2012

Jacqui's Bag

A friend of mine has spent the last couple of months drooling over my Lucy Bag so what better present to make her for her birthday ....

Is it not gorgeous??? Believe me, it was VERY hard to give this one away but when she opened it and let out a shriek of delight it was all worth it!

You may notice that I changed the pattern slightly and did two rows of single crochet in each colour instead of the original Lucy pattern of one row of trebles. I crochet fairly loosely and having already made two of these bags, I had found that the treble pattern made the bag too 'holy' if you know what I mean. I did the increases the same as the original but just changed the stitch and this one came up much firmer and solid. I think I'll do all future ones like this as well.

I used bulk standard cheap acrylic in jewel bright colours and then went for a seriously dotty lining!

Stripes and dots ....YUM!!!!

The flowers were also from Lucy but this time her Triple Layer Flower which are stunning!!! They're even better than her original Lucy Bag flower pattern so again, I'll be making these from now on for all future Lucy Bags!!!

Don't you love that dotty fabric? It truly makes my heart sing!!!!!!!!

Til soon.

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  1. You gave this away?!!!!!! You are seriously altruistic, Laura! It is utterly GORGEOUS and no wonder Jacqui let out a shriek of delight when she opened her present! I love the new Lucy flower design applied to the bag - i've made some of these to decorate hats etc and it's a superb pattern - so pretty and really clear to follow as all Lucy's patterns are. Interesting about switching the stitch on the bag - I have almost finished a different pattern of bag but also stripy and decided similarly that single crochet gave a better resulting fabric for my tension and the type of yarn I was using. I adore the colours you've chosen and the dotty lining - in fact let's just say I am sitting here drooling over this!! Happy hooky Christmas! E xx


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