Sunday, March 2, 2014

Brights and Buttons....

Hello! Yikes it's been a while. I haven't yet managed to get into a rhythm with my blog posts this year but promise to be a little more organised from now on!

So, Feb has been and gone. Why does time speed up as you get older? It seems I've just got things organised at the beginning of the month when suddenly it's month end and I haven't done anything! Does anyone else get that? (Or is it just me????)

I have managed to finish the first of my 12 of 12 Challenge. It's this -

What do you think? I'm really happy with it altho I didn't do the side shaping as I wanted a kind of "tunic" thing going on rather than a fitted sweater. Its this pattern (Gabbro by Carol Feller). Do you like the lace panel down the sides and at the neck? I do. Here's some more pics.....

It looks fab with jeans and is roomy enough for a long-sleeve T in those cold winter months .... always useful.

On a completely different subject, fruit salad!!!! DH and I had a sudden yearning the other day for fresh fruit salad and seeing as we're in the middle of Summer here with lots of fruit in the shops (well, what's left after we've exported it all to Tescos and the like....)
we made this -

And it was just as delicious as it looks - so much so that DH made another one 2 days later!

On the home front (literally), my army-loving youngest boy is having to make a model dog kennel for a school project so we got busy with the paper mache yesterday .......

There was much squidging and squelching (are there such words?) with the wallpaper paste and altho he seemed a little reluctant at first with the stickiness of it all, once he got stuck in (literally) there was no stopping him. Once it's dry, painted and suitably decorated I shall include pics in a future post. I don't know who had more fun tho, him or me!

On the needles at the moment are socks (as always) and I'm steaming ahead on the Magic Loop! So much easier than DPNs and you don't get those terrible ladders when you jump from one needle to the next! If you haven't tried Magic Loop then give it a go (just Google "Magic Loop" cos there are loads of video tutorials).

I'm also making a couple of gifts so I can't show you too much at the moment ....
there's this ....

together with this ....

and this .... isn't this blue heavenly?

But more about those another time.
In the meanwhile I leave you with my basket of beautiful stash yarn in the sunshine .....

Til soon.


  1. Hi Laura; Glad to see you are still interested in food! Are you doing any gardening these days?

  2. That sweater is just fabulous, Laura! well done you! and you've made me want to rush out to Tesco's and buy some of SA's finest exports to make what's in that bowl! just what's needed for a grey damp March day! E x

  3. Those buttons look great, I need a basket for my yarns, I've been seeing lots of different ones lately. Far more useful than a bag!

  4. Love the jumper, Laura. Nice to know you'll have something warm, for when you get chilly ;-)

  5. Very nice jumper but I'll admit it is the fruit salad I yearn after! It's been a long Winter here on the Pacific NW coast and we are so ready for Spring...

  6. I love the lace panels, and am desperate for some of that fruit. Twelve more weeks until the strawberries come, which seems like a terribly long time.


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