Thursday, March 22, 2012

Launch of Kidszone - Quick & Easy Easter Egg Hunt Bag!!!

Having been a preschool teacher for many years, I've accumulated masses of files, books and interesting articles all about children! I was wading my way through it all the other day when I suddenly realised that my blog would be the perfect place to share it all!!!  Whilst most of these posts will be aimed at children aged 3-5, I'm sure that many of them can be 'adjusted' for children either older or younger.

Good idea? Bad idea? Waste of time? What do YOU think????  Please let me know your thoughts......

I thought for my first Kidszone post I would do something crafty (and by that I mean something to make, not something sneaky or sly...) and something Eastery (is there such a word?).  But what to post? As usual in times of dilemma the children in my class came to my rescue. This week we've been discussing all things Easter and today we made Easter Egg Hunt Bags for the very exciting Easter Egg Hunt we're holding tomorrow morning!! Needless to say, as far as the children are concerned this is the MOST thrilling thing since Christmas and there was much discussion in my classroom as to whether the Easter Bunny comes down the chimney like Santa or whether  he/she (the sex was never identified) pops out of the ground like a normal bunny.....!

Whilst this terribly important and animated discussion took place, we made the bags as follows......

First they coloured in bunny faces. This bunny face is in fact on white paper (not grey)....I'm not too sure what my camera was thinking of but I'm sure you get the idea......

Then I cut out the faces and the children stuck them onto smallish brown paper bags -

Then they added cardboard handles -

And there you have it, a gorgeous Easter Egg Hunt Bag absolutely and totally ready to be filled with masses and masses of lovely chocolate........

I really hope you liked my first Kidszone post. Do you think I should do some more or should I quit whilst I'm ahead.....
Til soon.


  1. Hi Laura, I can't believe it's been so long since I caught up with your blog, I am sorry. I was following too many blogs and the people that follow me and take the trouble to comment were getting lost among all the others so I've cut back on lots of them and I found yours again! Yay! Love the bags by the way, my daughter's 13 this year but she still wants the Easter bunny to come and leave treats all round the house! Lots of love xxx

  2. Oh. most definitely you must carry on with a KidsZone! Whilst my little lad has an ASD and can't sit still for more than a blink, I always try to get him involved in crafty stuff in the hopes my own enthusiasm will rub off on him. He likes my own efforts and as he has an amazing vocabulary, he tells me things are 'fabulous' or just 'perfect' (he's not 5 yet ;))
    Besides I can always pass on ideas to nursery who are grateful for new and fresh ideas ;)
    So please do, give me more ideas, hints tips and all other things creative are most welcome

  3. I work with preschoolers too, and I have a 6 year old. Please do KidsZone. I will always read it.

  4. Lovely idea Laura and as you work with children I'm sure you have lots of fab ideas too. the bag is really cute. I shall keep popping by.

  5. Hi Laura, a great idea you have here, I know I will be finding it useful in the future.


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